Pre-Paid Team Entries & Team Discounts

You decided to pre-register your friends or family members to come to tackle the course with you, awesome! Here is what you need to know. 

What is the discount?

Additional Details

What Is The Discount?

The standard team discount is:

3+ people - 15% discount

5+ people - 20% discount

10+ people - 25% discount

*In order to receive the discount, you must pre-register all team members. The discount is based on the number of people selected during the initial registration. The discount cannot be applied retroactively or adjusted if more people join your team after. 

*Please note, this offer is not combinable with other offers, it is possible larger discounts are available during promotional periods. 

How Do I Register/Claim My Entries

  1. Begin registration as usual, for the event of your choice (start here at and then "find a race"). 
  2. On the right, you will see your registration order. With the drop-down menu, select the number of tickets you would like to purchase. The discount amount is listed next to the number of tickets you are purchasing. 
  3. Claim1.png
  4. After selecting the total number of tickets, you will see the price reflected in the total. The total includes all add on fees such as insurance, parking/bag check, and the processing fee. The discount is also reflected in this total. 
  5. After entering your information, make sure to create a team! After entering your team name, you will have the option to invite your friends. 
  6. To invite your team members, check the box that says, "Don't have all of your friend's information? Prepay for their entry and send them a claim link to complete their registration". Then enter each email address in the box. Please make sure the email addresses are correct or they will not receive the invite. Claim2.png
  7. Repeat step 5, entering each individual's email address for each attendee. 
  8. You will then complete the checkout by entering your credit card information. 

To Claim The Pre-Paid Entries:

  1. Your friends will receive an email to claim their ticket in their Ticket Socket account 
  2. Click "Claims" on the left-hand side. 
  3. Click "Claim This Ticket".
  4. Enter your information and complete the claim.
  5. You will then be registered for the race!

Note: As captain, if you need to change one of the attendees, just log into your Spartan Tickets account, go to "Claims" on the left, and then you can view the claims you sent. From there you can update the information for who can claim the entry. 


Additional Details

  • Team discounts are only applicable during the initial sign up and cannot be retroactively applied, no exceptions. 
  • The discount will only apply to the number of tickets you purchase upfront, it will not apply to any additional members. For example, if you pay for 5 members, those 5 will get the 20% discount. If a 6th member joins, they will not receive the discount. 
  • Team discounts cannot be combined with any other offers
  • Team captains cannot be Season Pass or Trifecta Pass holders. Your pass discount will not apply when signing up through the pre-paid team method. 
  • Team Captains should ensure that ALL prepaid registrations are CLAIMED before inviting other members to your team. We recommend setting a team PASSWORD during registration, or via your ChronoTrack profile post-registration, before sharing invites to your team. If you do not set a team password, and a new member attempts to join your team before all of your prepaid members have claimed their registrations, the new member will "claim" one of the pre-paid spots. We are not able to refund, cancel or correct registrations if a team is not password-locked and an unintended member claims a registration.
  • If you signed up with a pre-paid team entry and need to defer or transfer your registration, please contact and include the race you would like to change to. All standard deferral/transfer timelines, pricing, and procedures apply. 
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