2020 UK & Ireland Virtual Series Races

Even though the Spartan season is temporarily on hold, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to fill the void and give you a platform to race and train for. 

For each event that has been postponed, you can now take on a Sprint, Super, or Beast Virtual Race from your own home! There are variations to suit every kind of social distancing obstacles that stand in your way. Click here for Kids Virtual Races!

The Challenge:

For each event that is postponed, you can now partake in a Virtual challenge to match that race. 

  1. Sprint: 5K run (or substitute) + the following 20 obstacles:
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 burpees
    • 10 mountain climbers (per side)
    • 10 jumping jacks
    • 10 air squats
    • 10 forward lunges (per side)
    • 10 plyo pushups
    • 10 tuck jumps
    • 10 plank up-downs
    • 10 bird dogs
    • 10 knee slap mountain climbers (per side)
    • 10 lateral squats
    • 10 donkey kicks
    • 10 dips
    • 10 dive bomber pushups
    • 10 single leg squats (per side)
    • 10 calf raises
    • 10-second plank
    • 10-second hollow hold
    • 10-second squat
  2. Super: 10K run (or substitute) + all Sprint obstacles + the additional obstacles below:
    • 10-second plank with thoracic rotation
    • 10 jumping lunges
    • 10 bicycle crunches (per side)
    • 10 v-ups
    • 10 marching glute bridges
  3. Beast: 21K run (or substitute) + all Sprint & Super obstacles + the additional obstacles below:
    • 10 walk out pushups
    • 10 burpee tuck jumps
    • 10-second wall sit
    • 10 flutter kicks (per side)
    • 10 diamond pushups

Obstacles can be completed at any time throughout the workout, as long as they are completed. This means you can "stack" them and do them all at the beginning or end, spread them out throughout the workout, or any other combination. Just get it done!

Run Substitutes: The following alternate exercises for running are available to all competitors who are currently unable to run outside:

  1. Treadmill - Distance requirements are the same as running or walking outside/inside.
  2. Bike / Stationary Bike / Peloton / Spin Bike  - Each run distance multiplied by 4. For example, a 5K run would be a 20K ride.
  3. Rowing Machine - Each run distance multiplied by 1.2. For example, a 5K run would be 6K (6000 m) of rowing.
  4. Skipping Rope - For Sprint, 2000 jump rope. For Super, 4000 jump ropes. For Beast, 8000.
  5. Stair Climb / Step Machine / Step Ups - For Sprint, 2000 steps. For Super, 4000 steps. For Beast, 8000 steps.

Virtual Trail

The Spartan Virtual Trail consists of a 10K or 21K run. The following substitutes are available for those who cannot run outside.

  1. Treadmill - Same distance as the run (10K or 21K)
  2. Bike - Run distance multiplied by 4 (10K run = 40K bike)
  3. Rowing Machine - Run distance multiplied by 1.2 (10K run = 12K, or 1,200m of rowing)

Results Submissions

Virtual Races will be conducted on the same weekend of the postponed event and will include the same race distances.

You must submit your results on your chosen event weekend. This needs to be done by Sunday 23:59 PM.

You will submit your results here!

Submissions MUST include proof that the race was completed. Examples include a social post/link to a video of you completing it, photos, GPS tracks, Strava activity, or anything you have to verify you completed it. Tag @spartanraceuk or @spartankidsraceuk and use your event’s corresponding location and distance hashtag. For example, Sprint finishers should tag   #SpartanWalesVirtualSprint, #SpartanWalesVirtualSuper, #SpartanWalesVirtualTrail, #SpartanWalesVirtualKids

A Virtual Trifecta will be available. But please note, these will not count towards your standard race Trifecta. 


  • All finishers will receive a personalized finisher's email certificate with the option to share on social media!
  • A Trifecta Virtual Medal will be available for those who complete a Sprint, Super, and Beast.


18th & 19th April 2020:

South East – Sprint, Beast

24th May 2020

Ireland – Sprint, Super

20th & 21st June 2020

Wales – Sprint, Super

11th & 12th July 2020

Midlands - Trifecta Weekend, HH, 10K Trail, Kids

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