Transferring To A Flexi Ticket

What is the Spartan Flexi Ticket?

If you were registered for the canceled IrelandYorkshire or Midlands events and would like to move to a Flexi Ticket, you do not have to make any changes to your canceled race through Ticket Socket because we have already set you up with a transfer code that you can use to register for a Flexi Ticket. Your unique code was emailed to you on July 8th, 2020 for Ireland and Yorkshire and on September 9th, 2020 for Midlands. Make sure to check your Spam, Junk, and Promotions inbox as Spartan emails may end up there. 

For all other races please see the instructions below. 

To transfer your registration to a Flexi Ticket:

  1. Log into your Spartan Tickets account (you must use the same email used during registration)
  2. Click your profile button in the top right, then select "Orders". 
  3. Choose the race you would like to change to a Flexi Ticket. 
  4. Click the gear on the right next to the race you want to change and click "Change Order". Teams1.png
  5. Next, select the box that says "Upgrade Tickets". 
  6. Select the Flexi Ticket. 
  7. After you choose the Flexi Ticket, you'll get a screen confirming the charges (if any). 
  8. You will be responsible for paying the difference in price if you are upgrading to a different time block (Open to Age Group for example). 
  9. If you choose this option please be aware it will take us up to 30 days to transfer your upgraded entry to the Flexi ticket.
  10. Once you have been transferred to the Flexi Ticket you will be emailed a confirmation email with your Flexi Passcode. Your Flexi Passcode will also be placed in your Ticket Socket profile. You can then use your Flexi Passcode to register for a specific event. 
  11. Please review the Flexi Ticket FAQ here for full details on your Flexi Ticket



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