2023 Spartan UK Trifecta Pass

Welcome to your 2023 Trifecta Pass - prepare to conquer the TRIFECTA!

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What is the Trifecta Pass?

Entry to 1 Sprint, 1 Super, and 1 Beast (2023 UK Races Only) for one price. A great way to conquer that Trifecta, or simply save some cash crossing the finish line.
In 2023 we are offing three different options for the Trifecta Pass: 
  1. The ELITE Trifecta Pass, is valid for all Start Blocks in 2023: Competitive Elite, Competitive Age Group, and Open (Morning or Afternoon).
  2. The AGE GROUP Trifecta Pass, is valid for Competitive Age Group and Open (Morning or Afternoon) Heats, during the 2023 calendar year.
  3. The OPEN Trifecta Pass, is valid for OPEN (Morning or Afternoon) Heats, during the 2023 calendar year.

You can purchase the 2023 Trifecta Pass HERE! 

What events are included with the pass?

  • Spartan UK OCR (Sprint, Stadion, Super, & Beast) events during the 2023 calendar year.
  • Your Trifecta Pass cannot be applied or upgraded to other events (Trail, Ultra, Hurricane Heats, Agoge, British OCR Championships).

How do I register with my pass?

Using your Trifecta Pass to sign up for races is easy. Just follow the steps below: 

  1. Log into your Spartan Tickets account using the same email address you used to purchase the pass (This is important)
  2. Locate "My Passes" and look for the activation code. The code is also on the receipt from your pass purchase
  3. Go to the Spartan website and select the race you want to sign up for
  4. Select the corresponding Start Block that your pass is valid for
  5. Click "Register Now" and proceed through the registration flow
  6. Enter your code in the Promo Code box
  7. Once applied, the discount should be reflected, leaving only the racer insurance, parking/bag check fee, and processing fee
  8. If you do not see the discount applied, please do NOT complete the transaction and contact Spartan customer service. 

What else do I need to know?

  • Competitive Elite and Age Group Heats in 2023 are gated and require a British Obstacle Sport Membership. Please view the following FAQ for more information. 
  • The purchase of the Trifecta Pass does not automatically register you for any particular event or guarantee entry to any event, or heat
    • Please read the above for instructions on how to use your pass to register for an event
  • Purchasing a Trifecta Pass qualifies you for a great deal on 3 specific events, but does not automatically mean you have earned an official Spartan Trifecta
  • You cannot use your pass to register or upgrade to other events including but not limited to the Trail, Ultra, HH, HH12HR, and Agoge
  • Trifecta Pass is non-transferable and non-refundable
  • After the purchase of the Trifecta Pass, the racer is still responsible for add-on fees and any applicable processing fees PER RACE, upon registration for the specific event
  • Completed registrations cannot be retroactively credited towards the Trifecta Pass
  • Elite Heats in 2023 are gated and require a British Obstacle Sports Membership. (More information to be posted soon)
  • If you signed up for a race and need to transfer, the standard transfer fees and timelines apply
    • You can only transfer to the same race distance. For Example Sprint to Sprint
    • You can only transfer to the same race type. For Example Morning to Morning
  • The 2023 Trifecta Pass is only valid for races through December 31, 2023
      • If you do not use your pass to register for all three distances, they will not carry over to the following years
  • If you're looking to complete an official Trifecta, all races must be completed during the official time period. Please view the details here.

Trifecta Pass Deferrals/Transfers

  • When transferring a registration will be required to pay a £20 deferral fee.
  • Registrations completed with the Trifecta Pass can only be deferred within 2023.
  • 2023 Trifecta Pass registrations cannot be transferred to 2024. 
  • You will have up to 30 days after your original missed race date to initiate the deferral and claim your credit.
  • You can also defer prior to the race, up until the Wednesday before. 
  • You will only be able to defer to the same race distance and type. For example, if you're deferring from a Non-Competitive Morning Beast, you will only be able to activate your deferral for another Non-Competitive Morning Beast.
  • Trifecta pass usage is only valid for one Sprint, one Super, and one Beast.
  • We are unable to accommodate requests for deferrals of registrations for alternate distances.
  • Transfers can only be made to races in the same calendar year (January 2023 through December 2023).  
  • The Trifecta Pass does not guarantee access to a sold-out event or a sold-out start time
  • The 2023 Trifecta Pass is not valid for 2023 Championship Heats 
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